Our History

Our History

Back in 1995 Allerdice Rent-All was established with three partners. Wally Allerdice, Keith Potter and T.R. Pennell.

We refurbished an existing building that used to have a hardware store there for years and later a wood flooring distributor. We started out just thinking tools and equipment rental and quickly saw the need for more products like grills, tables, chairs and other party products. By 2001 we had expanded into a large warehouse for the party division.

Around the spring of 2015 Wally decided that he no longer wanted to be in the rental business, so we started to look for ways to stay in the business and keep moving forward. He was bought out in the fall of 2015. We decided to sell off the Party side of the business in January of 2016 to Belmonte and Son Tents and Events.

In Mid 2016 we came up with our new name – TRAK Equipment Rental – and began changing things and re-branding. Most of the same people remained, some of which have been on our staff for many years, with the longest being here for 18 years!

Since then we have had strong concentration on our original endeavor of bringing the tool and equipment rental and sales to a better level of customer service that we have at ALL the locations that we manage!

We carry a full line of equipment and tools for rent, from a shovel to a bulldozer. We also sell a complete line of  HONDA® and STIHL® products at our downtown Saratoga location.

TRAK Equipment Rental. Rent, Set, Go!