Master List of Rentals

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1-Man Post Hole digger
10' Aluminum Brake
19'and 20' Personal Lift 
2-Man Post Hole Digger
24' Material Lift - 20' 4WD 
3" Diaphragm Pump 
3" & 2" Trash Pump
2" Sump Pumps 
2" Water Bed Pumps
36" and 48" Power Trowel
48" Bullfloat
48" Jitterbug
48" York Rake
5' Brush Hog
5' Soil Cultivator
655 Mortar Mixers
7' York Rake

Aerial Work Platform, Bil-Jax Telescopic - Watch Operational Video
Read the Instructions

Air Jackhammers: 90 LB, 60 LB
Aluminum Brake, 10'
Asphalt Roller
Backhoes, Track or Wheel
Baker Scaffolding
Bale Chopper
Boom Lifts 45', 60', 65' 
Breaker, Post Hole Digger Attachments 

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Brick Saw, Gas
Brush Hog
Bulldozers: Cat D3G
Bullfloat, 48"
Carpet & Tile Stripper
Carpet Blowers
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Tools
Cast Iron Pipe Cutter 
Electric Drain Snakes 
507 100' Pipe Threader
Ceramic Tile Cutter

CAT Skid Steer with Tracks 

CAT 301.5 Mini Excavator
Centrifugal Pump
Chain Saws 16"& 18"
Chipper 4" and 6" 
Circular Saw
COMPRESSORS, Towable, Pancake, Dual Tank
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Saw 14" & 16" Walk-Behind
Concrete Vibrator
Core Aerators
Core Drill
Demolition Hammer
Diamond Blades
Dingo - Trencher, Bucket, Forks
Diaphragm Pump
Ditch Witch Lawn Plow
Drum Sanders
EC25 Komatsu Excavators PC-27, PC-35, PC-45 
Electric & Manual Pipe Stand Pipe Wrench
Electric Cutoff Saw
Electric Jackhammers
Excavator, Cat, Volvo
Extension Ladders 28', 32', 40' 
Floor Buffers
Floor Edgers

Floor Grinder - Concrete

How To Use The EDCO 2EC Dual Disc Floor Grinder Video

Floor Sanders
Floor Scrubbers

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Gas Cutoff Saw
Gas Operated Jack Hammer
Generators 2900, 4300, 5500, 6000 watts
Genie 4WD 26' Scissor Lift 
Hand Finish Tools
Heaters, Kerosene, Electric, Kerosene, Salamander, Space, Torpedo
Hedge Trimmers
Hydraulic Jack & Screw Jacks 
Insulation Blower                       
Jackhammers, Air, Gas and Electric
Jitterbug, 48"
John Deere 110 Backhoe 
Jumping Jack
Kero-Suns - Electric Heaters
Komatsu Excavators EC25, PC-27, PC-45 
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Rollers
Lawn Vacuum's
Leaf Blowers

Lifts - Skyjack SJ3219 - Specs
Demo Video

Light Towers
Log Splitter (Horizontal/Vertical)
Metal Detectors
Mig Welders
Miter Saw
New Holland Backhoe, TC 40
Rotary Drills 

Sanders, Drum, Edgers, Square Buff and U Sanders
Floor Sanders

Floor Sanders

Sheet Rock Lifts
Sheet Rock Sander 
Belt Sander 
Right Angle Drill
Orbital Sander
Over Seeder
Pancake Compressor
Parking Lot blowers
Plate Compactors
Post Hole Diggers 9", 12" 18" & 30" 
Power Screed
Power Sweeper
Power Trowels, 36" and 48"
Pressure Washers 2500, 3000, 4000 psi
PUMPS, Centrifugal, Diaphragm, Mud, Sump, Trash and Waterbed
Radiator Edger
Ride-on Asphalt Roller 1-1/4 '
Right Angle Drill
Roofing Torch
Roto Tillers
Salamanders - Pot Heaters
Scissor Lift 
Sheetrock Lifts 10', 12', 15'
Skid Steer
Small Engines!!!!

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Snow Blowers
Sod Cutters
Space Heaters
Square Buff Floor Sander
Step Ladders 8', 10', 12', 14', 16' 
STIHL Power Equipment
Stump Cutter
Sump Pumps
Sweeper Attachment
Telescopic Pole Saw
Tile Saw
Toe Kick Saw
Towable Compressor 
Towable Lifts 40' & 45' 
Towable Welder
Transit Level / Laser Level
Trash Pumps
Trenchers - 36" & 48"
Vibrators, Concrete and Plate
Volvo Excavator 
Wallpaper Steamer
Waterbed Pumps
Welders, Mig, Stick and Towable
Wet Dry Vac
Wheeled Skid Steer 
York Rake, 48"

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